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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exercise Ball and Baby

         Today the baby was very sleepy, over tired to be exact and any mom knows that's a bad mix. I was walking my little one to put him to sleep, which he normally likes but that wasn't working. Then I saw the exercise ball. The ball that I purchased for labor and delivery to "rock" my baby out. Well tonight I decided I'd "rock" my baby to sleep with the same ball. Guess what..... it worked! I bounced and rocked and within minutes my little one was off to dream land. I was so happy as I really needed to be able to put him to sleep without fuss because I'm tired myself. Who knew caring for a baby all day and night was so much work. So if you are ever at your wits end trying to get your baby to sleep (the lay him down when he's drowsy routine doesn't work for us at all lol), try your exercise ball. Not only will you get a mini workout, but your baby will get a soothing aid to help them fall asleep.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Months in the Trenches

October is quickly approaching, so I've been a SAHM while searching for a job for a few months now. I must say it is like a roller coaster ride. How might you ask? Well being a parent is a roller coaster ride period, but in this state you go through your highs and lows.
The high of seeing your baby grow and being available for all your family members, but then there is the low of the job search. Application after application and nothing. No phone calls, no inquiries, nada! So I begin to wonder if going back to work full - time is even in the cards for me despite my years of experience and multiple degrees and certifications.
I completely enjoy being my son's primary care giver, especially with him only being four months (he turned four months today:-)). I'm loving signing up to help at my daughter's school and with her extra curricular activities, but I miss the sense of self a job would bring. How crazy is that? Who even knew a job could do that.
Any who I press forward and choose to stay focused on the highs. Tonight, I'm coaching my daughter's basketball for the first time, while daddy has daddy son time. Wish me luck! Until the next post.