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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year New Post

Long time no see. Isn't it funny that when I make a post about posting more, I drop the ball and vanish into thin air. Well I'm back and really this year I'm going to make a go of this blog and post often, so be on the look out for savings posts, mommy posts, everyday life posts, and so on. Oh yes and happy New Year!!

The topic for today's post relates to New Years resolutions. It's interesting because what I have been thinking about  recently was discussed at today's worship service - boy am I so glad that I made it to church today! I figured the best way to start off the new year would be at church, since January the 1st is on a Sunday. Ok, let me stop ranting and get to the topic, which is putting yourself first! What? Be selfish..... well not really.

Basically, I believe as mothers we put EVERYONE before ourselves, especially if we have little babies at home because we want to cater to their needs first. I know personally as a stay at home mom there are many times when I don't eat breakfast or lunch because I've been running behind my six month old son all day(unfortunately he can be a cat napper on many occasions - so don't think I haven't tried to take care of my needs during his naps), then I've got a fifth grader to cater to when she gets home from school (basketball practice, choir, birthday parties, and so on, the list goes on. Not to mention the constant care of a home, pets (although those that know me know I don't put much care into my pet lol - I've kids that can do that), and other wifely duties. All that every day is exhausting, and as mothers we need to take time out to say it's time for me. Now to all the so so moms out there - that does not mean dump your kids off every chance you get j/k actually I'm not, but for us hard working moms it means setting time out once a week or 10 minutes a day to focus on something you enjoy - a good book, a good album on your iPod, blogging, or just quiet time in the Word. Anything that helps you to recharge and be a better you, better mom, and better wife.

Consequently that is one of my new years resolutions, to be sure each month I've done something for myself where someone is catering to me for a change, like getting my nails or my hair done - for most new moms this doesn't happen often. Then weekly, I hope to exercise consistently, and daily I hope to work on either my blog, scrap book, and/or read for at least 10 - 15 minutes! What will you do to recharge as a mom?  

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