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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who needs a gym to work out?

That is my mantra for 2012 - who really needs to pay some expensive gym membership to get a good work out. I recall when I had a gym member all I did was let them draft my checking account every month, but I never attended. Then I'd see my bank statement and think, I need to go work out and get my monies worth. So I'd go for a few classes, then maybe hit the treadmill. I'd do good for a couple of weeks, but then back to nothing. Membership cancelled because I knew I was wasting money, but I still needed to work out - well after baby.

I am now 7 months post pregnancy - yes I know I should have been working out before now but any who, I've decided I needed to tone up. What is a stay at home mom to do without a gym membership? Well another luxury of being home is TV shows, and I'm really learning a lot from them. One day I was watching live with Kelly Ripa and they were actually working out to a work out video on the show. It was the new Brooke Burke video. The exercises looked doable, so I thought I'd go get it and give them a try. I went to go ole Best Buy and bought Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke Tone and Tighten since that is what I really needed to do as I've lost most of my baby weight. I have a few pounds that have taken up residence and have been refusing to vacate so I figured toning up would be best for me. Best part - the video only cost me $7.99, so who needs that old stinking gym membership, right!

I must say this workout video is a true workout! I've only been able to make it through the warm up and lower body exercises,but I could still feel the burn days after. I plan to work out to the video three times a week and of course make it through the whole video. One major plus for the video is if you are short on time you can choose which work outs you'd like to focus on from the menu. Brooke also must have known there would be other new moms out there like me completing this video, because she gives modified exercises for those of us that are "vacationers" to working out. I don't thinking I've ever been to a class at a gym where they give instruction on how to modify the exercises. This definitely makes exercising to this video three times a week doable. So once again who needs a gym! Check out the videos and tell me what you think. Brooke Burke has other videos, there's also Jillian Michaels, and my personal favorite Zumba (but Zumba is for the Wii or xBox Kinect). Happy getting in shape! 

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